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Back @ MontrealComiccon

Once again for the second time ever, I’ll be back at the Montreal Comiccon as a host for new segment. I had a huge blast last year interviewing awesome celebs such as Tom Savanini and being in a gangman style parody with my co host. ^^

Well I’ll be back again thanks to this team and we have some more awesome stuff in store for you guys!!

Annie cosplay

Zombie @ MTLCC Photography by
Tomestorung Photography

























As a wrap up from Fanexpo 2013 I have to say it was a huge success and to thank everyone for coming to say hi to me.. a few of you were just so adorable I almost cried. I appreciate everyone and each of you! xoxoxox

cyrign cosplay

Sponsored costume Cyrign got in the Toronto Star (;

pyramidhead cosplay

awe poor Kitsurie (my lovely friend and booth babe for the weekend)


Halo 4 Review

So It’s been a couple weeks since Halo 4 has been out and I’ve now had enough gameplay to give my little input.

Being a huge Halo fan since Halo 3 and then going back and replaying from 1- 3 and the inbetween games such as wars, odst, and reach. We jump from Bungie who we’ve all fallen inlove with to a brand new Halo creator, 343 Industries. I was nervous at the start but once I played I was rather impressed. They did really well with the making of Halo Anniversary, but with making that there was no changing or adding to the story and with Halo 4 they had the run of making the rest of our beloved Halo story line with the one and only SEXY Master Chief and Cortana. So for the first time ever playing the Halo 4 campaign, it was wonderful. Not only do you still get to play as Chief but they really get into the chemistry between him and Cortana which I know we were all waiting to see that soft side of Chief. The all new gun play was amazing. Being a fan of some of the older guns I’m glad they kept most of them but the new alien guns wow. I felt pretty powerful with those. With these new enemies come countless new strategies. One enemy (called knights) made a priority of physical attacks while deploying airborne enemies that fired down on me from the sky which were a good challenge I found but with all enemies alike they have a weak spot.

Finally finishing the campaign with an interesting ending, I get into the multiplayer mode. I’ve played it a couple times before at Fanexpo2012 but not enough to establish an oppinion yet. So after playing slayer and forge for multiple hours with friends and alone I’ve come to really like it. I wasn’t a fan of the online Reach so I was nervous they’d keep it like that. I also was nervous that they’d make it a LOT like COD. But they made just the right amount of changes and adjustments. It makes me feel like I’m still playing Halo 3 online with new awesome weapons. The maps are beautiful and the right sizes for certain amounts of people. I especially like that when playing and instead of searching for guns and ammo the screen that is supposed be the inside of your helment actually shows you where the guns and ammo are located within the map.

Multiplay online

As for the graphics, well those blew me away. The art was simply wonderful, other then dulling down Chiefs armor I can’t complain.  And this all basically speaks for it’s self, I’m sure if you haven’t played the game then you’ve seen the videos.

I honestly can’t say it any better then this guy from ‘For me, the bar is always extremely high when it comes to Halo games, and I wasn’t sure what to expect going in to Halo 4. However, from start to finish, campaign to multiplayer, the game grabbed me by the hand and tugged me along like an excited child at Disneyland. This is a first-person shooter that never lets up or stops presenting engaging content at an unprecedented level. With Halo 4, 343 Industries has finally settled the question of “can someone other than Bungie make good Halo games?”  Their answer? A resounding “hell yeah.” ‘