Hey guys, so that wraps it up for another year of Canada’s most anticipated event, FANEXPO CANADA! I’m not sure where to begin on telling you guys how amazing it was this year! So many new faces and old ones of course. I’d like to thank everyone who came to see me, take pics with or of me, came to the gaming booth and Bad Kids Go To Hell booth even though I was unofficially working that  one.


To start FX off, there was the traditional opening ceremony, this year guesting was Lou Ferrigno aka the original hulk. CH CH News who was doing the exclusive interview with him, shown here in this picture above, asked a few of us cosplayers at the front of the line to come up and out to stand behind Lou as he cut the ribbon and we all ended up being interviewed by multiple news stations. I gotta say that was a great way to start off the weekend of mayhem.

Lost girl cast

I finally got to see the cast of Lost Girl up close and personal. It was very funny to see the Q and A.

Am I turning green yet? Have you met my husband? SUP? <3

I did get to go play in the lego area which is one of my favorite places to be when it comes to fanexpo, I also got to test out the Halo4 multiplayer, what did you guys think of that? I personally have not liked multiplayer halo since reach, they are making it too much like cod, the control buttons are way different now and well I miss classic halo. Halo 3 will always be my favorite by far! However Halo4 campaign looks sick and I am very excited to play that. So lemme know what you guys think of it with comments below! (:

Bad Kids Go To Hell

Spent a lot of time with my friends here at the “Bad Kids Go To Hell” booth. Here with me above is Monica Zelak aka Th3 Rogue and if you don’t know who she is place find her on FB under Th3Rogue. She is a talented gamer girl who is spokes model for BKGTH as well as had worked for Pwnage and is Sunshine girl. She also had a cameo in the BKGTH theatrical movie that will be coming out this Halloween. The other guy beside me is Marc Donato and well if any of you Canadians out there have ever watched Degrassi then you should know who he is. If not then IMDB him, he’s a great actor and stars in the BKGTH movie so make sure you go check it out. Also pick up the comic! :b And I can’t forget to give a shout out to the writers of the comic as well as producer and director of the movie Barry Wernick and Matthew Spradlin.

Ed Greenwood

And while working as the sponsored little Half Drow for Douglas Lloyd and BlackByrne Publishing I was to meet and have my photo taken with this famous Ed Greenwood, 2E writer of Dungeons and Dragons. (: He’s a pretty funny guy!

So tell me all about your guys’ amazing time at FX, Did you guys meet and do everything you wanted? (: Leave some comments below!




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