Appearance Schedule

I’ll be guest appearing at a few upcoming conventions. Here’s a line up of what’s in store :

Skyrim, Felicia, Cyrign


Firstly I’ll be at Fanexpo Canada 2012, August 23-26. As a sponsored guest for Blackbyrne Publishing as a D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) character. I’ll be there all 4 days with multiple costumes:┬áSkyrim, Felicia, & Cyrign.

Secondly, I’ll be hittin’ it up in Montreal at the Montreal Comic Con Sept 14-16. I’ll be there as a host for off interviewing people and blogging about those awesome costumes you guys put together! I’ll be sporting:

Catwoman, Psylocke

Thirdly I’ve been so kindly asked to be a guest at the Unplugged Expo in Toronto┬áSeptember 22-23. I’ll be a panelist for all things cosplay answering questions, giving advice, ect ect. (: Line up:

not released!

Hope to see all you at the cons. I’m really excited for the line up and can not wait to meet more of you guys!


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