Where’s My Spellbook?

 Happening at FANEXPO CANADA 2012!

As you guys know I’ve been making a secret costume which has been

fully sponsored by the wonderful Blackbyrne Publishing. I was kindly

asked by Douglas Lloyd, the writer of a new RPG (4E Dungeons and

Dragons) called “Where’s my Spellbook” (Which you can pick up a copy of

today ^^ http://www.rpgnow.com/product/81462/Where-is-my- Spellbook%3F-4E )

I have gotten to help design one of the characters and also build this

costume, I really feel like she has become my baby creation (: Her name is

Cyrign, she is a half drow. You also may know I’ve been doing a little

filming. Video coming soon (; AND YOU GET TO SEE THE FULL COSTUME

@ FANEXPO THIS YEAR! happy 2012

This is basicaly what I’ve been doing with my life and why I haven’t

posted anything on this awesome site in so long. I can be such a scatter

brain when it comes to cosplaying. I think I get way to wrapped up in

dressing up LOL. But I’m hoping some D&D homies out there are reading

this! Apparently at FX I’ll be doing a signing op as well and playing the 2E

writers and will be taking pictures with them so don’t be shy to come say

hi! Hey look I Rhymed :D

Cyrign (D&D cosplay)

The writer of “Where’s My Spellbook” has also added in some input;

“Looks like you favorite Half darkelf is going to be in appearing in … Oh I

can’t say it’s still a secret. Keep sending us those emails and “Like” the

Blackbyrne Publishing Facebook page because we would be thrilled to

have Cyrign do an RPG adventure signing at #FanExpoCanada.”

@Fanexpocanada http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blackbyrne- Publishing/113736678701697 – Douglas Lloyd

Ok guys if you want to see more of your me cosplaying and portraying

the Half Darkelf Cyrign at future conventions and posting pictures on my

facebook site and the Zombie Bit Me web site? Here’s all you have to do

LIKE Blackbyrne Publishing’s facebook site when the LIKES hit 175. They

sponsor me at another convention. At 300 I appears in a short published

story or RPG game adventure. At 600 let’s just say they open their

spellbook and a contract magically appears! So let’s see those likes come

in like crazy!

Lastly since Blackbyrne Publishing has almost reached 175 likes on

Facebook they said its time to start thinking about what conventions I

should attend next. I’m going to put the question out to the Facebook

community if you controlled Blackbyrne Publishing’s massive corporate

budget where would you send Canada’s premiere cosplay artist? (Actually

it’s a small press company so the budget is not that massive).

Let us know by August 23 and we will make the announcement at Fan Expo Canada.

So all you have to do is comment here or on my fanpage or on

BlackByrne’s fanpage where you wanna ship me off to :b

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