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Exciting news guys! Kusopop is having it’s first cosplay contest ^^
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Chester Carmichael Junior’s Montreal Comic Con 2012 Recap

It felt like I’d been waiting for this event my entire life, and since I go every year, I wasn’t quite sure why. Standing inside, by my lonesome, I found out. What I saw was nothing less than a vision. She was a cherub-faced feline, an angelic femme-fatale, an incarnation of perfection so rare and sought after that the very possibility of her existence seemed unimaginable and the likelihood of her having been created for any other purpose than my joy was outright impossible. So with that in mind, I approached, with caution of course, because the best laid traps always have the sweetest bait.

I had never been more afraid in my entire life. My palms were sweaty, my throat was tight and my pants were even tighter. The lack of blood flow to my brain must have acted as an uninhibiter. It reminded me of the time I was invited to a party and imbibed a citrus flavored cooler before stepping inside, my head was spinning. Channeling the spirit of Arthur Fonzarelli (for cool factor) and Logan (for strength) I decided to get her attention. With a quick whiff of her hair, she was mine.

Her name is Shantel Knight and together we took Montreal’s 2012 Comicon by storm, we made it ours, and soon, she will be mine…

We were surrounded by thousands of people, elves, creepers, warriors, robots super-heroes and super-villains. For three straight days I felt like I’d found El Dorado.

On the first day we met and interviewed creators, fans, and lovers of fantasy, fiction, pop-culture andcomic books. It was amazing! I met some very, very, pretty ladies. The super-villain girl from Heroes of the North fell for me, but her boyfriend wasn’t having it. Shantel and I even shared some stiff drinks, and believe you me, they worked, I’d never been stiffer.

Day two took a very dark turn.

Tom Savini tried to steal my girl from me. He wanted her so bad he choked me half to death. I was later told I flat-lined for a full 30 seconds and the emergency medical staff had to use a defibrillator to knock me back to life…

Then I met Malcolm McDowell. I cried soon thereafter… I was so nervous I was wetting myself a little. You know, when you’re really, really, nervous and you kind of pee little, tiny, almost imperceptible drops? Well had that been the case, believe you me, the interview might have turned out a whole lot better. I mean, what d’you say to Malcolm McDowell that he hasn’t heard before? This man’s been on the scene and in the game for ages! He was in Party of Five for crying out loud!

I decided to ask him who his favorite movie villains were. His ice blue eyes looked deep into my soul and my heart stopped for a second. He must have knocked the wind out of me because when he said James Cagney, I made a face. He asked me if I knew who James Cagney was with that thick East London patois of his and I froze. Was it the “you dirty rat guy” they talk about in Ninja Turtles? Was it the short big eyed guy from The Maltese Falcon?  Which black and white, later 30 something, mobster genre specific, white male from the pre-war American golden age of films was he talking about? I froze and what followed was five of the most awkward minutes of my life (which is saying a lot). He told me to go away. I wet myself for the last time of the day, and I kindly obliged…

We were later told that he’d been deriding us to his cronies all day. They actually black listed us from the event… my heart sank. I was on the verge of tears, and then something happened. An event so monumental, so earth shatteringly inspiring that I almost can’t put it into words and do it justice…

Sir Patrick Stewart gave me a look. He was sitting there eating his sandwich and he gave me a look!! And then to further increase my joygasm William Shatner and John De Lancie, a.k.a. Q, were right next to him. They were talking and laughing and I swear to God, I was close enough to smell them. And they smelled like heroes, they smelled like gods, I had entered a pantheon of wise and ancient immortals. I could’ve died right then and there…

Day 3 brought me even more joy. Shantel Knight wearing a fitted latex suit courtesy of the Poison Candy Latex We walked around all day, flirting and conducting interviews. We were like Bonnie and Clyde, only cooler!  My joy was short lived however, due to the fact that she was whisked away by a latex clad, red headed, Amazon at the end of the day. My hopes of a night cap shattered, all I could do was dream. Feeling the heart ache of a man who’d flown too close to the sun and now plummets towards the tumultuous sea, I wept. I was inconsolable for at least an hour. Just a blithering mass of geek tears, nerd rage and fanboy awe.

As security was forcibly removing me from the premises due to the closing of festivities, the fates chose to smile upon me one last time…

 Years ago I was introduced to the X-Men’s comic universe through the Age of Apocalypse series. I’d read the entire collection of the Golden Edition Age of Apocalypse. It was mind bending. Since then, I’d always kept my eye out for the final pieces. I was missing X-Men Omega, I was missing, the Weapon X series, I was missing Gambit and the X-ternals… I’d lost all hope somewhere around the turn of the millennium. But on that last day of comicon, as the sun set on a life changing event, it happened. A collector was closing up shop, and that’s when I spotted them. Like a golden holy grail, shining in a beam of light, the entire collection was just sitting there. Seeing that I’d been crying all day, the collector made me a deal, and I bought the collection and the Killing Joke for an incredible price.

 The day was done, but despite it all, I had come out victorious and hopeful for the future. It turns out your boy Chester might be okay after all. Finding the long lost comics to round out my collection really inspired hope. And I learned something from it. You might not always get what you want when you want it, but if you fight hard enough, if you hope strong enough, and if you try consistently enough, sometimes dreams do come true. And so now I can move forward through life with a new purpose… Being the father of Shantel Knights children. For just like those comic books who escaped my fingers when I wanted them most, I will spot her some day, and when I do, she will be mine…

Writen by Guillaune Parsien from NERDSRAGING.com 

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 As for my recap… well sure my co anchor there was a little much to deal with but hey I put him in line. He was slapped, whipped, chocked out, and vulcan death gripped. What more could I ask for. By the end I was just so amused I couldn’t not keep him around!

And lastly make sure to watch, VOTE, like, and comment on our Gangnam Style Parody! (;


xoxo Zombie.


Hey guys, so that wraps it up for another year of Canada’s most anticipated event, FANEXPO CANADA! I’m not sure where to begin on telling you guys how amazing it was this year! So many new faces and old ones of course. I’d like to thank everyone who came to see me, take pics with or of me, came to the gaming booth and Bad Kids Go To Hell booth even though I was unofficially working that  one.


To start FX off, there was the traditional opening ceremony, this year guesting was Lou Ferrigno aka the original hulk. CH CH News who was doing the exclusive interview with him, shown here in this picture above, asked a few of us cosplayers at the front of the line to come up and out to stand behind Lou as he cut the ribbon and we all ended up being interviewed by multiple news stations. I gotta say that was a great way to start off the weekend of mayhem.

Lost girl cast

I finally got to see the cast of Lost Girl up close and personal. It was very funny to see the Q and A.

Am I turning green yet? Have you met my husband? SUP? <3

I did get to go play in the lego area which is one of my favorite places to be when it comes to fanexpo, I also got to test out the Halo4 multiplayer, what did you guys think of that? I personally have not liked multiplayer halo since reach, they are making it too much like cod, the control buttons are way different now and well I miss classic halo. Halo 3 will always be my favorite by far! However Halo4 campaign looks sick and I am very excited to play that. So lemme know what you guys think of it with comments below! (:

Bad Kids Go To Hell

Spent a lot of time with my friends here at the “Bad Kids Go To Hell” booth. Here with me above is Monica Zelak aka Th3 Rogue and if you don’t know who she is place find her on FB under Th3Rogue. She is a talented gamer girl who is spokes model for BKGTH as well as had worked for Pwnage and is Sunshine girl. She also had a cameo in the BKGTH theatrical movie that will be coming out this Halloween. The other guy beside me is Marc Donato and well if any of you Canadians out there have ever watched Degrassi then you should know who he is. If not then IMDB him, he’s a great actor and stars in the BKGTH movie so make sure you go check it out. Also pick up the comic! :b And I can’t forget to give a shout out to the writers of the comic as well as producer and director of the movie Barry Wernick and Matthew Spradlin.

Ed Greenwood

And while working as the sponsored little Half Drow for Douglas Lloyd and BlackByrne Publishing I was to meet and have my photo taken with this famous Ed Greenwood, 2E writer of Dungeons and Dragons. (: He’s a pretty funny guy!

So tell me all about your guys’ amazing time at FX, Did you guys meet and do everything you wanted? (: Leave some comments below!