Zombie @ NYCC



And here is my lovely signing schedule:

Thursday 12-7
Friday 10-2
Saturday 3-7
Sunday 10-12:50, 4:00-5:00




This years Fanexpo is going to be BIG!

Some of the biggest names in cosplay will be there such as Yaya Han, Jessica Nigri, and LeeAnna Vamp who

her and I may of may not have something planned who knows it’s up in the air but anyyywhoooo.



I will be with Console Creatures all weekend @ booth 561, Yes I will have prints and all new merch! I’m also trying to work out a very special something for you collectors out there!!! (;

So Saturday night I will be hosting a after party @ Ravage and Rumble (Gaming bar down town Toronto) owned by the lovely Rainbow Franks as seen on “The Listener”.

There will be cosplays galore, live stream gaming, and all night music!




Thursday: Super Sonico (Looking to shoot this by a pool please contact me!)

Friday: The NIGHTFURY Toothless <3

Saturday: A revamped costume from of princess Leia.

Sunday: MAYBE just MAYBE my custom version of Poison Ivy… or I may just wear Sonico again…


Featured in NLM

I am very honored to say I was featured in Next Level Magazine for the NOV/DEC issue. and it has now come out to order only online BUT that’s okay because I’m giving you the link to it right here:

A big THANK YOU goes out to the team at NLM.

If you buy a hard copy, bring it to a con I’ll be at and I will surely sign it for you. <3



Hey guys, quick update. I was honored to be asked by Convoke Photography to come to a Batman themed shoot that InnerSPACE would be filming so here is the segment if you missed it. (:

DEADPOOL!!! Preorder!


So they are finally here… brand new images of my Fem Deadpool cosplay and you can go pre order one as a print. I’ve been asked and asked and asked when am I going to have a deadpool print well my kittens it’s here now for pre order!

Don’t forget all proceeds go to my next costume, and my next costume will be a DC character in latex. (; So please help out by making your wall happy with signed prints from me to you. <33 xo

Photography by Gary Campbell. Please go like the photographer’s page Se7en Fourteen Images.
HQ 11x17" PRINT for order @

HQ 11×17″ PRINT for order @ www.zombiebitme.storenvy.comFEM DEADPOOL



Back @ MontrealComiccon

Once again for the second time ever, I’ll be back at the Montreal Comiccon as a host for new segment. I had a huge blast last year interviewing awesome celebs such as Tom Savanini and being in a gangman style parody with my co host. ^^

Well I’ll be back again thanks to this team and we have some more awesome stuff in store for you guys!!

Annie cosplay

Zombie @ MTLCC Photography by
Tomestorung Photography

























As a wrap up from Fanexpo 2013 I have to say it was a huge success and to thank everyone for coming to say hi to me.. a few of you were just so adorable I almost cried. I appreciate everyone and each of you! xoxoxox

cyrign cosplay

Sponsored costume Cyrign got in the Toronto Star (;

pyramidhead cosplay

awe poor Kitsurie (my lovely friend and booth babe for the weekend)



What if Gandalf the Grey walked up to you at a convention and said “I’m suppose to meet a hobbit and some dwarves in room 704 but I can’t find the room on this miniscule little map can you point me in the correct direction.” How would you feel if Drizzt Do’Urden wandered up to your gaming table while you were roll playing a dwarf and said “That’s an excellent portrayal of a dwarf you remind me of Bruenor Battlehammer. Can I join your gaming table and finish off this adventure with you I brought my own dice?”
Read the story, meet the character “Cyrign” at Booth A 17.Photographed by Gary Campbell Se7en Fourteen Images

WITH ALL NEW PRINTS, MERCH, AND EXCLUSIVES! Come chat, geek out, take pics and say hi! <3 xo.
Dnd Card and Print coming soon

Dnd Card and Print coming soon

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of the ship wreck shoot.

(I’m going to start making these raw videos for every shoot.)


BEACH Photoshoot with Gary Campbell

Here are some of my fav shots from my past Beach Photoshoot with Gary Campbell.

He is a local photographer here whom I had become good friends with over the years of living in Niagara. And this shoot with him has blown me out of the water. He has done my past shoot “Cyrign” for Dungeons and Dragons sponsored by Douglas LLoyd and Black Byrne Publishing. You can find his work on FB @ Se7en Fourteen Images!! <3




002 copy

EXCLUSIVE LIMITED AMOUNT Purchasable Print ONLY @ Conventions

Picture 3

Purchasable Print @

Picture 5


Literarily pick up one of my Tees and get that zombie on!!
Comes in various sizes for both men and woman.
MORE MERCH TO COME!!! (; <– get em here!!!

GDLK x Zombie Bit Me Tshirts

GDLK x Zombie Bit Me Tshirts